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Captain Fresh

Software Development Engineer

Jun 2022 - Present

Spearheaded the remodeling of the finance module to adapt to the new ERP. Worked with Product Managers to develop technical specifications.

Designed and built the backend service to process all vendor/customer payments, and incorporated credit/debit knock‐off behavior in a scalable fashion.

Achieved a 4x performance boost in payment processes compared to the previous Zoho ERP setup.

Set up two way sync between the previous ERP and the new Finance service in a master‐slave architecture to ensure sanity of incoming transactions and facilitate smooth migration. Adapted myself to learn and understand Zoho Deluge.

Contributed vital UI components to the Finance Module, accelerating product development while emphasizing collective efficiency.

Wrote SQL and Python scripts for data migration from Zoho to finance module.

Tools and Technologies used: Java, SpringBoot, Service Framework, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, ReactJS, Python


Distributed File System (GFS)

JavaSpring BootWeb Sockets

Jan 2022

A group project where I built a Distributed File System composed of a master server, some chunkservers and a number of clients.

Implemented file‑handling strategies at chunkserver level; handled multilevel failure cases.

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